Unlock the power of scalable IT resources with mCompute Flex: your solution to agile infrastructure management and cost-effective cloud flexibility.

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The Challenges

Do you struggle to efficiently scale IT resources for your business?

If your business has lengthy procurement cycles that often lead to delays in meeting demands, this can make it difficult for you to grow. There’s also a risk of technology obsolescence, where your investments may become outdated before achieving their full potential.

Another challenge for your business can be managing your IT resources. For example, over-provisioning or underutilisation of resources can result in wasted budgets. Then, complex budgeting and capital investment constraints can further complicate resource allocation.

If you’re thinking of moving to the cloud, then you may be wondering if it would suit your business. Certain workloads may not be suitable for public clouds due to various constraints, including data sovereignty, ROI realisation, and the inflexibility of existing infrastructure.

How Meridian Help

mCompute Flex offers a scalable IT solution for your business.

It minimises upfront investment requirements, making it accessible to organisations of all sizes. It gives you the flexibility and agility to scale resources up or down to ensure that you can meet your immediate and future demands. Plus, you’ll have the freedom to choose the technology that best aligns with your unique requirements.

Our technology gives you predictable and controlled costs to provide budget clarity. It will seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure to streamline your operations and enhance control and security.

We can customise our solutions to cater to your specific needs, and offer hybrid options to suit various workloads. It will enhance your performance and help you to mitigate risks for your business. Finally, mCompute Flex aligns costs with actual resource usage, making managing your budget simple.

Meridian IT Offering

Our solutions empower you to embrace the future of technology while making the most of your existing investments.

Private cloud-like consumption service

Enjoy cloud benefits with private infrastructure control.

Low initial commitment

Start with minimal upfront investment.

Multiple technology offerings

Choose the right technology to suit your needs.

Managed or co-managed services

Select full management or co-management options.

Flexible, simplified and predictable cost models

Budget with ease using our flexible and predictable cost models.

Customised, dedicated and performant infrastructure services

Tailor your infrastructure for optimum performance.

Faster scalability

Quickly adjust resources to meet changing demands.

Quick provisioning

Reduce setup time for seamless deployment.

Integration to other services, such as mStore Flex and mProtect Flex

Seamlessly combine our services for a comprehensive solution.

Pay as you grow models available

Align costs with resource usage using our pay-as-you-grow models.

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People are Talking

We couldn't be more satisfied with Meridian IT's services. Their local support team's knowledge of our business is unmatched. They've consistently provided IT solutions that are not only effective but also tailored to our unique needs. In many ways, they are actually an extension of our own business.

- IS Infrastructure Operations Manager

Mandeep Sodhi

IS Infrastructure Operations Manager

George Weston Foods

People are Talking

Meridian PaaS is a cornerstone of Iptor’s go-to-market strategy and a key capability that our customers want today. Security, flexibility, performance, uptime and high availability are critical requirements that Meridian consistently deliver – I could not be more pleased with our partnership.

- President: APAC and IP1

Paul Nobbs

President: APAC and IP1

APAC, Iptor

Exceptional Support and Solutions

92% of our clients see Meridian IT Australia as an integral and embedded part of their business.

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