Introducing Meridian IT’s mAutomate Flex - your turnkey automation platform powered by Ansible. Consume services at your pace with flexible models and subscribe to our evolving playbook catalogue for seamless automation innovation.

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The Challenges

Implementing IT Automation can be daunting due to its complexity.

Many businesses find it challenging to change their operational processes, fearing risks associated with such changes. Additionally, automation introduces new security concerns, and lack of skills further complicates the implementation. Cost, time, and resource constraints often hinder the deployment of automation, leaving organizations uncertain about where to begin.

How Meridian Help

Navigating IT Automation Challenges with Expertise and Flexibility for Lasting Success.

Meridian understands the challenges of IT Automation implementation – from complexity and operational risks to security concerns and resource constraints. Our approach ensures a swift realisation of benefits, minimising risks with skilled professionals.

We offer a pragmatic adoption strategy aligned with your needs, backed by financial flexibility. Our agentless architecture ensures a seamless integration, complemented by flexible solutions and services that prioritise interoperability and scalability. Whether you choose pre-built solutions or a playbook subscription, Meridian is committed to supporting your success in IT Automation.

Meridian IT Offering

Our solutions empower you to embrace the future of technology while making the most of your existing investments.

5-Step Adoption Blueprint

Take a guided journey with our step-by-step blueprint for a seamless automation adoption process.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Start with minimal commitment, benefiting from our cost-effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Grow as You Adopt

Scale your automation capabilities as your business evolves and adopts new technologies.

Predictability and Efficiency

Achieve predictability and efficiency in your IT processes with our automation solutions.

Flexibility in Engagement Models

Tailor engagement models to your specific requirements for a flexible and personalized experience.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Ensure continuous success with our dedicated support and maintenance services.

Pay-as-You-Grow Models

Experience financial flexibility with our pay-as-you-grow models that align with your business growth.

Simplified and Predictable Pricing

Benefit from straightforward and predictable pricing for a transparent and manageable financial experience.

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People are Talking

We couldn't be more satisfied with Meridian IT's services. Their local support team's knowledge of our business is unmatched. They've consistently provided IT solutions that are not only effective but also tailored to our unique needs. In many ways, they are actually an extension of our own business.

- IS Infrastructure Operations Manager

Mandeep Sodhi

IS Infrastructure Operations Manager

George Weston Foods

People are Talking

Meridian PaaS is a cornerstone of Iptor’s go-to-market strategy and a key capability that our customers want today. Security, flexibility, performance, uptime and high availability are critical requirements that Meridian consistently deliver – I could not be more pleased with our partnership.

- President: APAC and IP1

Paul Nobbs

President: APAC and IP1

APAC, Iptor

Exceptional Support and Solutions

92% of our clients see Meridian IT Australia as an integral and embedded part of their business.

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