Build a resilient and cost-effective IT infrastructure strategy. From optimising cloud solutions to ensuring business continuity, we're your strategic partner for a future-ready infrastructure.

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The Challenges

Is your business’ IT infrastructure outdated and falling behind?

Outdated IT infrastructure can hinder your organisation’s growth, and the need to transition to cloud solutions may be apparent but uncertain. Understanding the roadmap to a multi-cloud environment can be complex, and ensuring agile infrastructure while justifying costs is imperative. Additionally, streamlining operational efficiency and simplifying end-user compute processes are ongoing concerns.

How Meridian Help

Meridian IT can prepare your IT infrastructure to meet the future.

We begin with optimising your cloud infrastructure, identifying where a multi-cloud approach can enhance your business’s performance. We strategize for Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery, and Data Protection, ensuring your operations remain robust. By creating speed and flexibility, we prepare you for a hybrid cloud-ready infrastructure and provide insights into financial models and benefits.

Meridian IT Offering

Our solutions empower you to embrace the future of technology while making the most of your existing investments.

Workshop Session with key stakeholders

Collaborative sessions align strategies with your organisation's goals.

Discovery Tools for data and infrastructure auditing

In-depth analysis tools provide comprehensive data and infrastructure assessments.

Performance Review of existing infrastructure

Evaluate current infrastructure for optimal performance.

Cloud Cost estimation

Precisely estimate costs to guide cloud investment decisions.

Business Resiliency

Strengthen your business's ability to withstand disruptions.

Data Centre Modernisation

Upgrade data centres to meet contemporary demands.

Review end user experience

Ensure a seamless and efficient end-user experience.

Basic review of security for endpoints

Assess the security of your endpoints.

Overview and review of end user compute experiences

Conduct a comprehensive evaluation of end-user compute environments.

Adoption of Cyber Security baseline strategies

Implement essential cybersecurity strategies to enhance your security posture.

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People are Talking

We couldn't be more satisfied with Meridian IT's services. Their local support team's knowledge of our business is unmatched. They've consistently provided IT solutions that are not only effective but also tailored to our unique needs. In many ways, they are actually an extension of our own business.

- IS Infrastructure Operations Manager

Mandeep Sodhi

IS Infrastructure Operations Manager

George Weston Foods

People are Talking

Meridian PaaS is a cornerstone of Iptor’s go-to-market strategy and a key capability that our customers want today. Security, flexibility, performance, uptime and high availability are critical requirements that Meridian consistently deliver – I could not be more pleased with our partnership.

- President: APAC and IP1

Paul Nobbs

President: APAC and IP1

APAC, Iptor

We're On A Mission

We hold Gold and Platinum partnership across all of our key vendors.

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