Elevate your governance and compliance efforts with our comprehensive solutions. We empower your teams, ensure data privacy, and provide constant control, all while offering actionable intelligence to safeguard your compliance.

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The Challenges

Does your organisation struggle to meet compliance requirements?

It can be difficult to have a comprehensive understanding of data location and potential compliance exposures. It’s common to encounter uncertainties regarding the storage of sensitive data, making it crucial to ensure awareness and control.

Additionally, meeting client requests for Personal Identifiable Information (PII) can be a compliance necessity. Implementing effective data privacy and compliance controls is essentially to maintain regulatory adherence.

How Meridian Help

Meridian can help you meet compliance requirements with ease.

Leveraging advanced Machine Learning technology, we detect anomalous user behaviour, enabling early identification of compliance risks. We optimise resource usage to enhance compliance and governance, providing cost-effective solutions.

Our capabilities extend to gaining visibility into data flows across private data centres and public clouds. We can offer holistic insights through our full-stack visibility of infrastructure and applications all in one place. We provide flexible engagement options, including both one-off consulting services and recurring offerings, tailored to your specific needs.

Meridian IT Offering

Our solutions empower you to embrace the future of technology while making the most of your existing investments.

Empower Data Privacy and Compliance Teams

Our solutions empower your teams to meet compliance requirements effectively.

Generate Data Protection Impact Analysis Reports

Generate comprehensive Data Protection Impact Analysis (DPIA) reports for better compliance management.

Ensure Sensitive Data is Stored Where You Want It

Maintain control over the storage of sensitive data.

Maintain Constant Control

Ensure continuous oversight of compliance and governance measures.

Automated Reports

Automate reporting for efficient compliance management.

SaaS Offering

Leverage our Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for ease of implementation.

Monitor, Optimise, and Secure Resources

Comprehensive resource management and security across diverse environments.

Data Security Add-On

Enhance data security measures with our add-on services.

Find problems faster and limit downtime

Rapid issue identification and resolution to minimise disruptions..

Reduce and limit your ransomware exposure with actionable intelligence

Proactive measures to mitigate ransomware risks.

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People are Talking

We couldn't be more satisfied with Meridian IT's services. Their local support team's knowledge of our business is unmatched. They've consistently provided IT solutions that are not only effective but also tailored to our unique needs. In many ways, they are actually an extension of our own business.

- IS Infrastructure Operations Manager

Mandeep Sodhi

IS Infrastructure Operations Manager

George Weston Foods

People are Talking

Meridian PaaS is a cornerstone of Iptor’s go-to-market strategy and a key capability that our customers want today. Security, flexibility, performance, uptime and high availability are critical requirements that Meridian consistently deliver – I could not be more pleased with our partnership.

- President: APAC and IP1

Paul Nobbs

President: APAC and IP1

APAC, Iptor

High IT Security Standards

We are ISO27001 and ISO9001 accredited, which demonstrates our commitment to maintaining high standards.

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